Highbrook Business Park - Goodman

The aim of this project was to create a central hub in the heart of a commercial and industrial precinct. Match delivered a tenant mix that provides all the services found in a more traditional town centre. That, combined with a landscaped plaza and unique architecture, has created a welcoming environment for employees to enjoy and adds value to Highbrook as a whole.


“Match are great professionals who always provide up to minute market advice on Goodman’s retail projects. They have worked extensively on providing initial project masterplanning, always with a great level of detail, and through valued client relationships match have delivered successful leasing results.”

Michael Gimblett – GM Property Services, Goodman


Project specifics

Size: 2,000 sqm

Project Value: $100 million

Key Achievements (unique challenges): Creating a ground-breaking next generation business park in
a greenfield location.

Workstreams: Masterplanning, project leasing, tenant mix


Masterplanning.png Highbrook - Goodman
ProjectLeasing.png Highbrook - Goodman
TenancyMix.png Highbrook - Goodman

high2.jpg  Highbrook - Goodman
high1.jpg  Highbrook - Goodman
high3.jpg  Highbrook - Goodman

“Over 5 years, Match assisted us with redevelopment advice helping reposition the former Kermadec premises post the 20 year lease expiry. Following an international leasing campaign, match secured 3 quality tenants which has breathed new life into the Viaduct ahead of the next Americas cup. Key to the successful outcome was the open & honest communication & strong determination that achieved a win:win scenario for all stakeholders.”

Phill Andrews, Director, Viaduct Quay Holdings Limited

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