Ponsonby On Pompallier

A mixed use project creating a genuine architectural landmark that will reshape the 3 Lamps area at the Northern end of Ponsonby Road. 

The offering includes high end apartment living along with premium boutique retail, hospitality, civic and workspaces through the prism of contemporary design and cutting edge global culture. 


Project specifics

Workstreams: Tenancy mix and project leasing


ProjectLeasing.png Ponsonby On Pompallier
TenancyMix.png Ponsonby On Pompallier

Pompallier_Ext_OutdoorTerrace_draft02.jpg  Ponsonby On Pompallier
Pompallier_Ext_PompallierTerrace_Final01a (green trees, dry road).jpg  Ponsonby On Pompallier
Pompallier_Ext_Laneway_Draft02.jpg  Ponsonby On Pompallier

“Match were an integral part of our vision, planning and delivery for the redevelopment of St Kevin’s Arcade. St Kevin’s Arcade was Iconicitys first big foray into retail property and match worked incredibly close with us to provide impartial advice. Together we were able to leverage their incredible knowledge base, contacts and relationships to deliver an award winning and highly profitable project.  If you're looking for a project team that deliver excellence then match are it.”

Paul Reid, Director, The Icon Group

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