The Power of effective placemaking

Posted by admin / 23 August 2019

The 2019 PCNZ retail conference provided us with a variety of speakers, discussing a range of topics, but one of the stand outs was Andrew Hoyne, Principal of Hoyne.

His deep dive into effective placemaking provided key insights into how the retail landscape is changing–“a shopping centre is no longer just a shopping centre. The future is mixed use; dynamic work and play destinations. Consumers are here for an experience and a social connection.”

He emphasised the idea that we need to change our mindset in this new era. We need new and better tools for the future to match the way we now live, work and play. With the goal being to create meaningful experiences and a bespoke approach regardless of the size of what you’re working on.

Buildings are second, people are first. There is not point creating a space if you haven’t put thought into how it is going to serve people, what new and exciting things are you offering – if its no different from what else is already out there, your mindset hasn’t changed and the project isn’t likely to be successful.

“Innovative developers are no longer delivering shopping centres that could be found anywhere else in the western world. Instead they focus on delivering a bespoke retail precinct that offers much more than shopping.” Sam Shepherd Bellringer Property Group.Match fully endorses this approach and style of thinking, even picking up his beautiful book!